Creekside Artists is an independent, not-for-profit, artist-led studio group in South East London. Established in 2000 we are now a registered charity with a remit to provide affordable studio space for artists and designers and to promote the arts in our local area through regular open studio events and public workshops, art, artists, creekside artists, studios for rent, Deptford X, artist's organisation, co-operative, art for sale, new artists, space, painting, photography, print, sculpture, 
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Creekside, Artists, Art, Studios, Bermondsey, London, South East

In August 2013 we will be temporarily moving to The Biscuit Factory in Bermondsey while our swanky new studios are built from the rubble of The Faircharm.
Once the new building is complete (probably sometime in 2015) we shall be returning to our original site on Deptford's Creekside, with assured tenancy and (hopefully) a non-leaky roof!

Creekside Artists is a registered charity # 1135739
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